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Recruiting Tool Tips for Confronting Hiring Issues

It’s easy to recognize and complain about recruiting problems. You probably could run off a list, without much difficulty. However, without corrective action the problems will persist. We thought you could use some help and start getting a few sound processes in place. That’s why we are creating recruiting tools for you to use immediately.

Before prescribing an effective treatment, we’d recommend a thorough diagnosis of your candidate sourcing to to hire process. Our reasoning is that advancing solutions without support of key recruitment stakeholders will render half-baked implementations and results. One or more remedies–however attractive could skirt past an unaddressed issue having a far greater consequence on hiring a qualified candidate for your open positions.

You meanwhile are anxious for any kind of recruitment improvement to make things better & can’t wait for a recruitment audit. With you in mind, we have some limited recruiting relief available, by way of some recruiting tool tips.

CAUTION: Our tips will not be harmful and can be very constructive, provided your recruiting environment is open to change. If your firm’s environment is resistant to change, expect intense skepticism, or limited support while introducing these tools. But you know this, have prior experience addressing skeptics, winning them around, and have been successful implementing change.

Why Measure Time To First Interview?

Recruiting Problem: You can always tell if a ship is making progress on making their destination–its engines are engaged and the ship is moving forward along its charted course. It may not be as readily apparent when viewing your firm’s recruiting activities. Although there may be considerable activity, with mountains of incoming candidate applications and resumes being scanned for keywords, it doesn’t necessarily equate with progress towards filling your important engineering or management vacancy.

We recommend that you not place faith in measuring activity. Here’s a tool you can immediately apply, focused on measuring performance, not effort. Continue reading …

How to Attract Candidate Attention

Recruiting Problem: You’re preparing your job posting designed to capture an engineering candidate’s attention. You get to thinking…. There are so many reasons they would love to join your firm. In fact, your firm has a one or two page litany of company benefits, along with paragraphs on all your firm’s headlines in the news. Should you squeeze them all into your posting? What should you focus on? What will really attract candidate attention?

Dare to be different. Set your firm apart from your rivals and dig into what real, valued gems you can offer highly sought after candidates in short supply. Continue reading …