Recognize Your Recruiting Predicament

“We are continually faced by great opportunities that are brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems”
Lee Iacocca

The Challenge

Try and be as honest as you can. Are you DELIGHTED with your firm’s recruiting speed & quality of hires? How about the continued  & repeated success your employees have resolving engineering & business problems, while being short-staffed? If the answer is “NO”, are you receptive to new ways to effectively convey the gravity of your staffing problems to your decision-making leadership? We believe that recognizing recruiting issues is a prerequisite for making real, constructive changes in your firm’s hiring practices.

Delayed hiring is fraught with dangers.  Do you and your team rest uneasily, knowing of pending announcements of re-scheduled product releases, that can as a consequence defer investment rounds?

Have you recognized an urgency to acquire better, more complementary, talented employees to deliver the results you need, but somehow cannot find through your existing recruiting methods?

Has anyone in your corporate finance group offered to estimate the cost and consequences of a delayed critical hire? You can readily sense if they have no sense of your pain when they compliment you on saving money by under-running your labor budget.

Our Approach

We lead an initial, deep 1-1/2 to 2 hours initial intake session with your hiring manager, to determine the key attributes you need. We help managers discern and rank what objectives are not getting accomplished that will become the responsibilities of the employee hired. It’s not unusual for our client’s to re-calibrate their needs during our conversation.

We don’t use your job description or posting in our search process. If your firm is like most, the posting you are using was not designed to successfully attract the candidates you should be targeting, or explain what’s important about the position. The position duties description was more likely designed for salary planning purposes; not for attracting candidates.

We consider the litany of typical position ‘requirements’ as a fast way to eliminate anyone, or discourage qualified candidates. Instead, we craft both vivid and compelling copy that we will use primarily to share with a passive candidate, after they’ve been qualified and vetted.

We also can assist you in determining the cost of a delayed hire. While being an estimate, it conveys the importance of an accelerated search to hire, that you can share with other stakeholders in your firm.

Our Recruiting Performance: 2012-2016

Our results speaks volumes. How does our performance compare to the in-house or agency recruiters you are using?

Average # of Days From Search Launch to Our Hired Candidate Initially Submitted to Our Client


% of Retained Searches with 2 or More Candidate Submissions Within 30 days of Search Launch

# of 2012-2016 Formal Offers Rejected by Our Candidates

We Help You Orient to Your True Position Needs

Re-directing your candidate search target, so sourcing, engaging, interviewing & hiring is swift

We Help You Attract Better Candidates

Broadcasting a more compelling reason for targeted candidates to join your firm, instead of your competitors

We Drive Results

Giving your managers the staff they need to resolve their greatest technical challenges & advance your firm to lead position