Recasting A Clear Path To Hire

“The road to success is always under construction”
Lilly Tomlin, Actress, Comedian, Writer, Singer, & Producer

Recruiting Imperative

Our world is changing the way emerging companies see prospective candidates. They can’t survive having a leisure candidate path to hire. If you think your company can, some day you may be rudely awakened. It’s possible for an unrelated industry to discover they need just the people you’ve so easily acquired year after year. Next thing you know, your qualified candidates and your existing employees are being courted by a company whose name you can’t spell, in an industry that didn’t exist last year, for a position that doing something that’s never been done before.

Responsive Recruiting is what we need to adapt to the changing nature of advancing technologies and our highly mobile labor force.

Some years ago, we changed our whole orientation in approaching prospective candidates. While we had great success in the past, there was always been room for improvement. The results are enlightening. We are be happy to share what we’ve done to capture targeted candidate attention, while developing a peaked interest in the companies we have been representing.

We’ve also found creative ways to drive down our pricing for technical retained searches, giving you an attractive alternative to incredibly expensive contingency recruiting strategies, placing both time to hire & quality of hire at risk. Isn’t it more beneficial to you to get positive impact players sooner, rather than average performers later?

We’ve described the absence of constructing a clear path to hire as being in a recruiting swamp. There’s no idea when you expect to fill your open position. Swamp gas can leave you in a stupor. Your outboard motor is coughing and may die at any time. You see yourself soon adrift, without a paddle….

It is easy to slip into a discouraged funk, expressed in ZipRecruiter radio ads, particularly if you have had difficulty sourcing the employees you immediately need. We believe that ‘hating’ the hiring process and reducing your candidate selections for interview down to the simplicity of a fast food menu selection for critical hires is a mistake and a bad omen for the kind of hiring decisions subsequently made.

Developing a clear path to hire process is a great opportunity to examine your firm’s underlying assumptions & aspirations, also re-examining the knowledge and growth potential of your existing staff and why they enjoy working for you. Why would you be reluctant to take on a refreshing, eye-opening experience? We recommend that you stick with this positive approach.

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